The Muse

There exists a universe where I'm known as Lima. You aren't allowed there.
There exists another universe in which Lima walks. You are already here.
You have entered because you can appreciate style while ignoring content. You had been warned.
P.S. Don't bash me up if you find haiku or plain prose here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Dominae, dominated thou art,
By the four laws of the multiverse.
Thou favour and scorn on thy whim,
Thy touch is both blessing and curse.
Devi, Devas lust after thee,
Their brothers fare no better.
But thou who art loyal to none,
Find thy fickle heart in a fetter.

TheĆ”, thorny is the way,
Of those who would ignore thee,
Thou art denied by none but thyself,
I beg thee! Don't deny me.


4 laws:

  1. Mortality - All that begins will have an end
  2. Vulnerability - If you have a head, you will have a headache
  3. Mutability - Change is the only constant
  4. Love - Love will conquer all
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