The Muse

There exists a universe where I'm known as Lima. You aren't allowed there.
There exists another universe in which Lima walks. You are already here.
You have entered because you can appreciate style while ignoring content. You had been warned.
P.S. Don't bash me up if you find haiku or plain prose here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Dominae, dominated thou art,
By the four laws of the multiverse.
Thou favour and scorn on thy whim,
Thy touch is both blessing and curse.
Devi, Devas lust after thee,
Their brothers fare no better.
But thou who art loyal to none,
Find thy fickle heart in a fetter.

TheĆ”, thorny is the way,
Of those who would ignore thee,
Thou art denied by none but thyself,
I beg thee! Don't deny me.


4 laws:

  1. Mortality - All that begins will have an end
  2. Vulnerability - If you have a head, you will have a headache
  3. Mutability - Change is the only constant
  4. Love - Love will conquer all

Friday, September 12, 2014

Gravel - Part I

Hail! Samarkand, end of all roads
Proud abode of the great and good
Light of the desert, sight for sore eyes
Balm to the weary of heart and foot.

The sun sets on Her pearly domes
And shatters into a million lights
Her bazaars fill with men and wares
Her gardens with all earthly delights.

As they walk past Her blessed gates
Both men and beasts sigh in relief
For the day's journey has come to an end
And tomorrow is but a distant dream.

Among this throng of travellers
Is a Viking of the Russian tribe
And a Moroccan and a Chinaman
With a hundred more of every stripe.

They marvel at the sights and sounds
And enjoy the moonlit scented breeze
They plod along the winding lanes
In search of a meal and a place of ease.

Between the palm-lined cobbled streets
Runs a lonely dark gravel-lined lane
It harbours nought but a lonely inn
At whose door stood our heroes fain.

Well met good Sirs, the innkeeper said
Please step over my humble threshold
But the price of my hospitality
Mark thee! Is not to be paid in gold.

A tale I seek from each of you
In exchange for victuals and rest
As long as you can entertain me
Your honours can remain my guest.

Though puzzled by this clause unique
They entered and sat at his table
And as soon as their meal was done
The Moroccan began his fable.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lovecraft Country

Having despoiled the old habitat till the earth screamed 'Begone!',
They look to new pastures for their tribes…
And the graves of the vanquished become the foundations of the towers of the victors..
For the soil is always fertilized by the blood of the slain, and the rivers dammed by their corpses…
'Tis but a pipe dream of some indifferent Deity…
It has no meaning save that which we give it.

Having befouled their native loam
Until it turned to salt and sand
They gather their kin and roam
The earth in search of virgin land

Armed and tooled they walk and run
Or sail or ride the beast and tides
They bring with them both Gods and men
And make foes of everyone besides

But when they are broken by their own wheel
And what is not barren no longer bare
The lands of others they seek to steal
And in their greed no effort spare

Thus do mighty nations stand
On the graves of those who fell
Their blood and flesh fertilize the land
Their bones arrest the rivers' swell

This world alas is but a pipe dream
Of some indifferent Omnipotent
It follows neither rule nor scheme
Save what we might find immanent

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Compliments of...

The orange flame of the forest, is a tree.
And a reference, to my best friends,
Who are stout of heart, and of spirit free.
They jumped off a bridge today, tethered to a rope.
And swung out over a meandering river.
They are bananas, my friends.
Yet to my lost soul, they are a glorious ray of hope.


Cellulose, lignin, keratin, sporopollenin,
Cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine,
Uracil and all kinds of porphyrins.

Words, food, water and love,
The true fourteen children of the sea.
Are for their own sake, justified by their own existence.

Rewarded with reason, we must investigate,
The reason behind our own existence.
Is not life a miracle enough to warrant its own sustenance?

Who decides the cost of money?
Who will question the curious?
Who, pray, will answer our prayers?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Misery is addictive, like alcohol,
A byproduct of life-giving grain
It deludes and clarifies in equal measure
It is the water in both cloud and rain.

Misery feeds many rivers
Many civilizations it maintains
'Tis the cloud that exhausts itself
To usher in the rainbows of gaiety.

Self awareness is a white elephant
Misery puts it to work
When questions plague the sober mind
The answers are not found, but decided.

Every breath is a step closer to death
Every memory swallowed by time
But not all the misery of the universe
Can negate the truth of eternal life.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leaves and Inflorescences

O Parents of the world you are
Like the sun unto the lotuses
Who like their marsh-born counterparts
Bloom in the muddy realities

You have made our hearts of wood and fire
And our minds of lightning and steel
Yet in your mercy left us afloat
Like yachts in choppy seas

The heart knows all but does not infer,
It grows neither like rows of obedient corn,
Nor like the potatoes of rebellion,
It worships regardless of quality.

But where the heart is fickle,
The head is not; It is like an acorn,
It sprouts only on fertile soil,
And once germinated, cannot be uprooted.

In your wisdom you have severed,
The mortal ties between my beloved and me
You have left me alive, and useful still,
And I must stand up and think of India.

Although I will yet forge more friends,
In the fuming furnace of adversity,
How will I console my widowed mind
Where will I find such quality?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


On a cold winter night
When Jack Frost fluttered his eyes
In the first signs of wakefulness
The foothills bowed their fir-lined peaks.

Like tears from the eyes
Of a newly wed bride
The rain fell on the valley
And drenched our dreams.

We dreamt of fiery storms
That left us charred but alive
Our blistered feet unable to feel
The rosebuds underneath.

As we awoke with a start
Unable to grasp the difference
Between dream and reality
Time began to heal us.

Yet the heating and annealing
The hammering and beating
That temper good steel
Is hardly good for human healing.

And so even as we moved on
On cautious, bandaged feet
Our hearts leapt uncaringly
On their own jolly beat.

Where the tides would take us
We alas couldn't tell
But every river does find its way
Into the mighty ocean.