The Muse

There exists a universe where I'm known as Lima. You aren't allowed there.
There exists another universe in which Lima walks. You are already here.
You have entered because you can appreciate style while ignoring content. You had been warned.
P.S. Don't bash me up if you find haiku or plain prose here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Cellulose, lignin, keratin, sporopollenin,
Cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine,
Uracil and all kinds of porphyrins.

Words, food, water and love,
The true fourteen children of the sea.
Are for their own sake, justified by their own existence.

Rewarded with reason, we must investigate,
The reason behind our own existence.
Is not life a miracle enough to warrant its own sustenance?

Who decides the cost of money?
Who will question the curious?
Who, pray, will answer our prayers?

Cold, like stone in the face of chilly winds,
Unmovable, yet eroded slowly and certainly,
By the effects of time and perception.

Why would the planet bother existing?
Harbouring life in every neutrino
Every ripple, in its flowing mantle

Why bear the gift of consciousness?
Why would one cyanobacterium,
Change the fate and face of the universe?

It is known, but inevitable; if unknown, inscrutable
You doth exist, merely to torment us
You are reason, vagrant and unreasonable.
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